TvTomeAdventures; commonly abreviated as TTA is a

sprite series created by Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi in 2003.

TTA is a Flash webseries that predominately uses sprites,

except in the season finales and the movie, where it is fully

flash-animated and voiced. The series

is heavily influenced by the anime .hack as well as by the

Megaman Battle Network series.The

series is set in 2020 and is based around an online game

called TOME which uses advanced technology to place

the user in a virtual reality MMO game. The series

focusses on the main character Alpha along with his friends in their fight against various hackers along with the

D- BUG; a sentient virus that is literally capable of causing harm to someone in the real world. In 2011 it got a

reboot called TOME which is animated in full flash format with voice acting, the story is basically the same,

with minor changes like certain events and names changed.